06 April 2009

Short Break Pt. 2 - Cerita Bergambor

My 1 yr old nephew. Last I saw him was during lebaran. Now, he has started to walk. Switch on the cartoon netwok and his eyes would be fixed on the telly.

Earth Hour - I was in The Curve during the one hour lights off. Somehow I have doubts about the effectiveness of this overblown exercise.

Apart from Vincci, Ikea is another favourite among my Indonesian friends
The lady in the pic below is an old friend of mine. Our friendship goes back 15 years. She was a law undergraduate at Cambridge University. However, she spent a lot of time in Portsmouth during weekends. Ko bosan ngan mamat2 nerd kat Cambridge kan? The orang putih next to her is her Aussie hubby, Thomas (who btw loves eating petai lightly fried in olive oil.... err Mazola takleh ke?). They were in Kuala Lumpur for a pet search and rescue mission. They now reside in Melbourne.

This is Hairie. She's someone else's wife. My neighbour's wife to be precise. Her house is very near to my mom's house. I could call out from my room window to her kitchen. Yupp, that near. But, when I was still living in KL, we seldom meet each other. Sibuk benor pompuan ni. She's now a fulltime housewife. But still, she's seldom at home. Ko bisnes hapa ni?

The guy in the pic below is my bidan terjun sopir, Ijal. He's the one who picked me up at the airport. He loves older women. Yupp, dia demen banget ama tante2. Tante murung bisa berubah jadi tante girang setelah ketemu om Ijal.

L-R : Zaharah and Ina. Ina had just recently became a mother to a lovely baby girl, Arianna. As always, everytime I'm in KL, there would be a makan-makan at Ina's house. Zaharah is very good at getting the rest of the group to congregate at the shortest of notice.
Ina: "Percayala, aku akan pulangkan balik kamera tu"
Zaharah : "Alhamdulillah....." (sambil jari pantas kilat sms kat org Fixed Asset)
Ijal was so happy to discover that he could fit into an F1 car. Walaupun bahagian samping dah bergesel ngan dinding.
Ina : "No Arianna. It's full of food. There's no baby in Uncle Ijal's tummy"

Had just enough time to squeeze a meeting with my other neighbour, Redmummy and Sirman. We met over breakfast at Qbistro, nearby our apartment. Jangan lupa projek underground kita.

Red and Sirman's adorable daughter.
Finally, apart from sate, I made it a point not to miss the following:


nisa said...

jd inget dulu sholat di mesjid putra jaya (atau petaling ya? lupa! yg harus pake jubah itu), doa minta jodoh.

pulang ke jkt, ketemu!! horeee..

peanutbutter said...

geram aku tgk anak jj tu....

aku rasa ijal tertinggal sekeping dua daging pinggangnya kat kete f1 tu...:P

♥ jυℓєѕ said...

ur nephew is sooooooooooo cute! with those big eyes....remind me kat my nephews :)

gadhogadho said...

nisa - i believe it's putrajaya. then i should try do'a di istiqlal.

pb - memang. rasa nak gigit je pipi dia. si ijal skrg selain bayar zakat and income tax, dia donate to fitness first every month.

jules - cute bila tak meragam. time meragam i bagi balik ke parents dia... jahat punya uncle.

Mak gegirl said...


8 kati nya entry dia sekali arung buat kauuu!

pak aku still enggak suka gambar kamu yang baru kasi potong nampak kepara itu.
dah macam nak masuk penjara indon je weiii

PNS said...

Jeez,i cant help not to bite that cheek. It looks so puffy.your nephew is sooo cute.you should post his pic more often than yours! We demand cute boys! Not preman pasar senen!