18 December 2008

Blast From The Past!

Life has been quite hectic lately.

Blame it on the school holidays in Malaysia. If you think school holidays in Malaysia do not in any way affect my life in Indonesia, then, you're wrong.

'Tis is the time when relatives and friends in Malaysia take their family on holiday. Most of them are bored with the tiny dot down south of Peninsula Malaysia.

Jakarta is the new Singapore!

I do what is expected from a good host. Take them around places of their interest (read: malls and pusat grosir).

Please don't mention Tanah Abang or Mangga Dua. Merely typing those names makes my hair stand on end. I think, no, I believe, I've been to those places more than I've been to Thrifty in PJ all my lifetime.

Those in PJ who do not know Thrifty, then you have not live in PJ long enough. Ijal, kalo ko tak tau Thrifty, ko bukan le penduduk aborigine PJ Old Town.

Thrifty is equivalent to present day Carrefour but on a much, much smaller scale. Anyone remember Weld's Cold Storage? Hock Choon? Fairtrade?

Did you know that we even had Printemps in Damansara? (Nottytomato pakai lampin gamaknya masa tempat ni baru bukak... ke ko belum lahir lagi?) Next door was Kimisawa.

If any of those places do not sound alien, then, lets face it... korang dah tua!!!!

Speaking of being tua, recently, I chanced upon a website which has a vast compilation of Malay song lyrics. In no time I found myself singing and tapping my feet to Andainya Aku Pergi Dulu (Alleycats), Ku Petik Bintang-Bintang (Kenny Remy Martin), Suraya (Headwind), Kamelia (Sweet Charity) and Joget Kenangan Manis (Sudirman, best woo lagu ni!!) before my boss's face appeared just above my PC's monitor.

Sepoil sungguh mood aku. Baru nak ber-Mekar Sejambak.

To my Indonesian friends, those songs are from jamannya Emilia Contessa, Broery Pesulima, Bob Tutupoli and some from era Endang S. Taurina ngetop.

Yes. We Malaysians love Indonesian songs from way back then. We even know who Benyamin S. is and watched his films too (or am I alone in this?).

Anyway, I'll be a tourist guide again this weekend. That's three consecutive weekends. I long for the Sunday when I can wake up at 10am.

Happy weekend everyone!


nosa said...

heyy pakcik..all the places you mentioned tempat mainan aku masa kecik..thriffty tempat hang out after school aku..(sek. rendah alam shah2)..kimisawa..tempat main skating tu dolu-dolu...hehe you are so reminding me of old skul days-lah..anyway happy weekend to u too!!!

Kurt Kuden said...

kalo duk jogja, sepoloh kali sedara yg berbeza datang, sepoloh kali aku kena bawak gi borobudur.. bosan gile.. tengok batu je.. haha

Urang Awak said...

Selamat Berjuang Wan! Tapi mereka kan bakalan bawa oleh2 dari malaysia kan? jadi enjoy lah :P


Redmummy said...

macam ku kenal kurt kuden nih....amboi :)

anw bang....keep up your good 'hospitality' kay...

one month to go!

gadhogadho said...

nosa - tempat tu kira paling happening le masa tu.. tempat awek cari balak and balak kacau awek.. hehe

Kuden - aku rasa gi borobudur tak sama tahap kepenatan dengan tour-de-tanah-abang..

Urang Awak - milo sepeket can make me a happy man!

Redmummy - hehe! nanti kita email2 abt places to go.

peanutbutter said...

aku pun nak muntah lahar dgr perkataan 'brader land' tu...:P